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King High school accepts students on a case by case basis at the beginning of each quarter. An exception to the rule are those students who move into Davis that have been attending a continuation ...more

2017 Graduates!



King School Site Council


King High School Site Council

November 27th, 2018




Today’s meeting will be led by the chairperson, with assistance from our parent representative and principal.

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Approve minutes from Oct 2 meeting
  3. Review and approve agenda
  4. Public input (open forum)
  5. Updates from Principal, committee delegates (Superintendent Advisory Committees, DTAC…)
    1. WASC
    2. Winter Feast on 12/21
  6. Approve Site Council meeting calendar
    1. January 15th
    2. February 26th
    3. March 12th
    4. April 16th
    5. May 14th
  7. Waiver update (no longer needed for small schools)
  8. Review and approve Safety Plan
  9. SPSA will be distributed for review next time (waiting on final budget numbers from Finance—had to reconcile site plan with actual budget, Site Council will have a chance to review changes once finalized)
  10. Discuss Climate Committee

Next meeting January 15th




King High School in the NEWS:

The following is from The Davis Enterprise:

King High holds festive graduation

By Jeff HudsonFrom page A1 | June 09, 2017

Martin Luther King High School celebrated the achievement of 31 graduates on ...more

Common Core

DJUSD provides resources to parents about the Common Core Standard state tests that will be implemented soon at the DJUSD website:



King High School History

King High School was established in 1970 by two teachers, Jim O'Keefe and Sharon Reynolds, a secretary; Barbara Martin, and principal, Jack Reinwand. The building was in two trailers on what is now ...more

Today: 12/15/18


The King High School runs a professional Bike shop, and it is once again open for the school year! Please like us on Facebook! Untitled1.png

Need a copy of your school records?

School transcripts are an official record of your high school career and they can be requested from the last school of attendance. King High School has all transcripts for students who have attended King. You can request your transcripts: 

  • Call the school at (530) 757-5425 
  • Email the school registrar-
  • Stop by the school office during business hours

Transcripts are free and can be mailed, faxed or emailed. Diplomas are not an official school document and are not able to be duplicated.