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King High School

Martin Luther King High School (King) serves between 65 and 80 students at any given time but enrolls approximately 140 students over the course of the year. New students are referred through a Student Study Team (SST) process with the site principal and counselor to determine the appropriateness of placement at King.  The school offers a voluntary educational option for high school students who are at least 16 years old and in the 11-12th grade (though some 10th graders are enrolled on a case by case basis). King offers credit recovery, acceleration, flexible scheduling, a small learning community, one-on-one instruction, and/or addresses students’ special needs or circumstances.

As is common in other continuation high schools across California, King serves disproportionately higher numbers of Special Education, low socio-economic, ethnic minority, and English Language Learner students than the district’s averages. Over the past two years there has been an increase in intradistrict transfer requests from students in the Woodland school district.

King has moved to a more formal process of assessment and analysis of data.  Staff members are in the process of developing tools and strategies to formalize and monitor student achievement of academic standards and ESLRs (SLO’s), in order to quantify and evaluate the program as well as individual students in an effort to better serve their diverse needs.

King is transitioning from a place where protocols and practices were largely organic and inconsistently implemented to a place where students and staff know the expectations, supports, and ways to be successful at school. Within this transition, however, it is important to all stakeholders that King remain a place where flexibility and individuality are valued. Through deliberate staffing decisions, curricular offerings, and progress monitoring of student achievement, King is emerging into a comprehensive program that more effectively serves students’ needs.

King High School recognized as a Model Continuation school by the CDE

 Martin Luther King High School was recognized this week by the California Department of Education as a model continuation high school for 2014, earning high praise from an evaluation team that visited last October, as well as accolades from State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson. 

The staff collaborated on the application in early October, members of the California Continuation Education Association visited the school and evaluated the information that was provided in the application. “On the surface of things at King, what you can see from outside the classrooms, King is a symbol of excellence,” the evaluators said in their report. “But the real magic is what goes on in the classroom: excellent teaching, miracle-working and students who know they are personally cared for". 

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